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Free Paramotor Lessons? Tips & Tricks Youtube Channel is HERE!

Click HERE for Youtube Channel!

BlackHawk Paramotors USA has created a new Youtube channel dedicated to providing pilots with “mini-seminars” on valuable topics related to the industry. Our first video covers “how to properly lay out your glider for the perfect launch.” Mike Robinson of BlackHawk said “Our customers asked for it, and again, we are delivering. We sometimes get questions from customers and pilots which can’t be properly addressed through E-mail or a phone conversation. This channel will provide a visual explanation of many common questions we get.” If YOU have a certain topic you would like to see made into an instructional video, please E-mail us your suggestions by using the contact form on BlackHawk’s main website. You can also call Mike directly at (209) 481-0493. All of us at BlackHawk hope you find this information useful and that it enhances your experience in this amazing sport.

YOUTUBE CHANNEL LINK:  http://www.youtube.com/user/ParamotorTips

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