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Paraplegic Paramotor Pilot – BlackHawk Teaches Paralyzed Man to Powered Paraglide!

A Paramotor & Powered Paragliding phenomenon!  Russel Metlitzky, who was paralyzed from the chest down in a motorcycle accident,  has defined the saying “never give up!”  Mike Robinson with BlackHawk Paramotors USA broke new ground by training his first paraplegic student.  “We were very excited when Russel contacted us for lessons.  Our team immediately began the design of a custom BlackHawk Paramotor Quad, tailored to his needs.”  After extensive tests of the prototype, Mike Robinson invited Russel to his World Training Center in Valley Springs California for lessons.  The amazing staff at BlackHawk Paramotors donated their time to make this possible.  Mike Robinson stated “Our trainers and staff all agreed that this was for a great cause.  Everyone stepped it up to make it happen.  It really touched our lives to be a part of Russel’s journey.”

After taxiing around in the newly-designed BlackHawk Paramotor quad, and some tows with the winch, Russel took to the sky for the first time in a Powered Paraglider.  He completed a flawless “touch-n-go” before making his final landing.  Mike Robinson of BlackHawk Paramotors commented:  “We hope this inspires others in Russel’s situation to experience the joy of flight.  We couldn’t be more proud of him!”

Please take a moment and CLICK HERE to watch the AMAZING VIDEO!  Show your support by “liking” or commenting on the video.  Comments will be forwarded to Russel.

To begin your Powered Paragliding adventure, please give BlackHawk Paramotors a call at (209) 481-0493.

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