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Velocity Edge Paraglider

The Velocity Edge paraglider makes the new PPG pilot or the advanced pilot look great with it’s super easy launching abilities. This is the easiest launching glider ever made for Powered Paragliding! Once in the air you will love this glider’s handling, but still have the safety of a DHV 1 based glider. Now lighter for easier for launching!

Based on the Paratoys paraglider, a fully certified beginner/intermediate Afnor Standard category in our size 28.

  • Super easy launching in no wind conditions
  • Single A’s for easy riser handling both in forwards and reverses
  • Sewn in super strong rare earth magnets for no collection of debris and positive brake hook up
  • Excellent centering graphics make launching so easy
  • Heavy lines for paramotoring
  • Clearly marked A and D risers
  • Swivels on brake lines to prevent tangling
  • High quality Brake pulleys
  • Very high in flight visibility for pilot safety
  • Clean crisp turning and high energy flair landings
  • Highest quality of materials
  • Two year warranty*
Size Weight Range – lbs Weight Range – Kg
25m² 154lbs – 198lbs 70kg – 90kg
28m² 190lbs – 242lbs 86kg – 110kg
30m² 220lbs – 288lbs 100kg – 131kg
33m² 253lbs – 319lbs 115kg – 145kg
36m² 286lbs – 410lbs 130kg – 186kg
42m² 319lbs – 500lbs 145kg – 225kg


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